Disease Reduction

Ohana Seeks to Improve Family Health

Sperm contains molecular factors that affect the health of a child and the health of the mother during pregnancy and birth. It’s time to address this proactively.

Paternal age, disease transmission and genetic mutations can cause negative outcomes for mothers and children. The risk of infant morbidity, genetic diseases, and pregnancy complications is higher when fathers are 35 years of age or older. However, paternal age is just one factor. There is a growing body of evidence that non-genetic inheritance of disease – known as epigenetic disease – can result from paternal health, lifestyle choices such as diet and smoking, and environmental factors such as exposure to chemicals.

Ohana’s Solution

Screen for Quality Sperm

Ohana is developing non-invasive technologies to reduce risk of inheritance of disease from fathers, and to reduce risk of pregnancy complications associated with sperm biology, using our proprietary knowledge of molecular changes in sperm associated with risk.