Reproductive medicine needs dramatic improvement


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  • 120,000 babies born with a genetic disease in the US annually

  • Fathers aged 35+ more likely to have children with epigenetic disease

    • Infants born to fathers aged 45+ had 14% higher odds of premature birth and 18% higher odds of seizures

    • Twice as many fathers of newborns are in their 40s today than in the 1970s

    • More autism, schizophrenia, childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia

  • Absolute risk of having an autistic child is low, but men age 35+ have a significant increase in risk

  • As men age, their sperm have increased DNA fragmentation, an increased risk for spontaneous mutations, as well as significant alterations in DNA methylation

Reduce risk of inherited diseases by developing non-invasive genotyping and sperm-sorting technology