Computational Biologist/Data Scientist

Position summary

Ohana Biosciences is in search of an innovative and highly motivated computational biologist or data scientist to play a vital role in the development of new diagnostics and therapeutics by analyzing high-dimensional single cell data to understand the functional impact of sperm cell heterogeneity on the health of offspring. As a member of this growing organization, this individual will have a tremendous opportunity to work towards high-level solutions to novel problems in cellular heterogeneity, fertility, and disease prevention with a dynamic, enthusiastic, highly interdisciplinary, and collaborative team. Major projects will include:

  • Analysis of large amounts of single cell microscopy data with unsupervised and supervised methods to extract insight into sperm heterogeneity and make testable predictions

  • Partnering in the development of new single cell sequencing assays to generate data to feed machine learning algorithms with the goal of understanding and exploiting molecular heterogeneity in sperm cells.

1. Primary Responsibilities

  • Apply techniques from statistics, machine learning, and computer science to extract insight from abundant high-dimensional single cell data linked to function

  • Partner with experimental biologists, clinical teams, and biostatisticians to iterate experimental design to obtain better data, better models, and to design validation tests for diagnostics or therapeutics resulting from your work

  • Implement and improve techniques for preprocessing of data, including high-throughput sequencing analysis and microscopy data

  • Employ image analysis tools to extract data from high content microscopy to feed machine learning algorithms

  • Drive scientific projects by coordinating teams, proactively learning from the scientific literature and key opinion leaders, and helping to manage concrete experimental and computational plans

  • Design improved or new computational methods as needed to better address biological questions

  • Develop subject matter expertise necessary for informed analysis, especially with respect to sequencing assays, imaging assays, and reproductive biology

  • Contribute to the fostering of Ohana’s entrepreneurial company culture and its mission for promoting family health by preventing disease and improving fertility 

2. Education and Experience 

  • A Ph.D. in a quantitative discipline (e.g. Computational Biology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics), or other strong quantitative training combined with 3+ years of industry experience

  • A background in analysis of high-dimensional datasets, including dimensionality reduction, multivariate statistics, and/or machine learning required

  • Experience in single cell sequencing data or microscopy imaging data preferred 

3. Desired Skills & Qualifications 

  • Demonstrated ability to extract insight from high-dimensional data, including visualization, multivariate statistics, and/or machine learning, using readable, reproducible, and efficient code in any language

  • A strong sense for when to use simple tools (e.g. principal components analysis, ANOVA, logistic regression) and when to use more complex tools (e.g. deep learning)

  • Familiarity with computational tools for reproducibility and collaboration such as Git, Rmarkdown or Jupyter notebooks, and workflow management tools

  • Broad interests and a desire to understand the details of data collection and preprocessing as well as the high-level goals of an analysis

  • Excited about both pushing the frontiers of basic science and making a meaningful difference in human health

  • Ability to think critically and creatively as part of a fast-paced team while being highly independent and self-motivated

  • Enthusiastic about solving important problems, whatever the methods needed, and comfortable venturing beyond your area of expertise

  • An innovator who thrives in a fast-paced and evolving environment

  • Strong oral and written communications skills

  • Outstanding collaboration & interpersonal capabilities

  • Self-motivated and self-confident with the ability to act with humility, urgency, passion, and drive

  • Demonstrated organizational skills to manage multiple projects concurrently, maintain a high level of productivity, innovation, and priority-setting

  • Resourceful, tenacious, creative, enthusiastic, and results-oriented

Based in Cambridge, MA, Ohana is a venture-funded early-stage startup founded by Flagship Pioneering in 2015 through its venture creation engine, which founded over 40+ breakthrough companies including Seres Therapeutics, Agios, Rubius, Moderna, Editas, Denali and Codiak.  

Ohana Biosciences is pioneering field-defining science in reproductive medicine by developing cutting-edge molecular and computational technologies to drive a novel category of treatments for preventing disease, enhancing fertility, and contraception. Our enthusiasm, ambition, drive, and creativity, coupled with our unique blend of innovation, basic biology and business focus, creates an exciting entrepreneurial environment set to disrupt an area of medicine in need of substantial improvement for patients. 

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