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Revolutionizing Reproductive Health Through Sperm Biology

Ohana’s breakthrough scientific discoveries aspire to help people realize the meaning of our name: family. Our proprietary sperm biology platform enables us to develop life-changing products that improve fertility; reduce inherited disease, developmental disorders and pregnancy complications; and enable non-hormonal contraception for men and women. Through this, we seek to empower people to take control of their reproductive health. Learn more about our programs.

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Did you know?

Infertility affects seven million couples in the U.S. and tens of millions worldwide

Preterm labor, preeclampsia and other pregnancy complications are on the rise

People are waiting later in life to have children, which can attribute to increased rates of inherited disease and developmental disorders

Most contraception options target women and are hormone-based causing near- and long-term health implications

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The Industry’s First Sperm Biology Platform

First came the science. Ohana has built the industry’s first sperm biology platform based on a proprietary understanding of how sperm biology can impact the most important aspects of the reproductive journey. Our team of experienced drug developers, computational biologists, and sperm biology experts – a combination unique in reproductive medicine – has pioneered research to enable an entirely new approach to address unmet needs in reproductive health. Through the application of leading-edge technologies, we have identified specific sperm characteristics that play a critical role in fertility, inheritance of disease from parent to child, and pregnancy health. By extension, our work also uncovered a mechanism for the development of non-hormonal, reversible, long-lasting, contraception for men and women.


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